Wizarmon (Adventure)

Wizarmon is a Digimon from the Digimon Adventure/Digital Dive universe.

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At first impression Wizarmon may appear aloof and mysterious, and in the beginning he was this way. As he himself put it, "loneliness had hardened [his] heart". It took meeting Tailmon and her saving his life that made him begin to open up to others.

A closer examination shows that Wizarmon is a caring person who would do anything for his friends, even to the point of laying down his own life. A magician, he is adept at pulling the wool over people's eyes but only plays tricks on his enemies (for example, Pico Devimon), not his friends. His speech can be both blunt and insistent (such as when he was pushing Tailmon to remember her past) or cryptic (his message to the new Chosen).

Recently Wizarmon has had to deal with an entirely new situation, namely fatherhood with the arrival of Anei Yagami into the Digital World. He's slowly started to warm up to the idea and in his heart wants to do right by Anei, even if technically she isn't "his".



For much of his life, before he crossed paths with the Chosen Children, Wizarmon was a nomad. One day during his wanderings, he collapsed in the middle of a desert village. The surrounding digimon were too busy or self-centered to give him aid, save for one Tailmon who nursed him back to health. During their time together, Tailmon confessed to Wizardmon that she had been waiting and searching for someone her whole life, but she didn't know who.

In Vamdemon's Service

Sensing that there was something different about Tailmon, Wizarmon followed her into service under Vamdemon strictly for the purpose of keeping an eye on her. To his frustration this meant watching while Vamdemon abused and belittled her, making her forget that she was even searching for someone in the first place. Since Tailmon couldn't remember, Wizarmon vowed to remember for her.

Odaiba Invasion

When Vamdemon's army crossed over into the real world in August of 1999, Wizarmon was one of many digimon sent out to locate the mysterious Eighth Child. While a majority of his time was spent searching, part of it was also devoted to keeping an eye on Tailmon, who was spying on the Yagami residence.

On the second night Wizarmon discovered the Eight Child's lost digivice in a raven's nest. But instead of taking it to Vamdemon he instead took it to Tailmon. Wizarmon then told Tailmon of his suspicions about her - that she was the Eighth Child's digimon partner - and helped her to regain her lost memories. He then escorted her over to the Yagamis' apartment and reunited Tailmon with her human partner, Hikari.

After briefly explaining things to a confused Taichi and Agumon, Wizarmon left with Tailmon to retrieve Hikari's real crest, which was in Vamdemon's possession. Their attempted theft was interrupted by Vamdemon himself. Both Tailmon and Wizarmon fought valiantly, but in vain. During the battle Wizarmon lost his staff and was then thrown into the river by Vamdemon, where he presumably drowned.


Wizarmon, however, did not drown. He floated down river for the better part of a day, clinging to Hikari's crest and tag. Finally he crossed paths with Takaishi Takeru and Kido Jyou who were on their way to regroup with the others. Wizarmon managed to convince the two boys to aid him, and when he had recovered sufficiently told them about Hikari being the Eighth Child.

Once they had arrived at the television station where Vamdemon had set up headquarters, Wizarmon proved to the Odaiba team that he was trustworthy by healing Lillymon. But he was still not fully healed and the expenditure of energy took a toll on him.


As the Chosen entered into battle against Vamdemon Wizarmon joined them despite the fact that he wasn't at 100%. Stil, he managed to land the first hit against the evil vampire (though he was blasted into a wall for it).

Things had reached a stalemate when Vamdemon decided to turn the tide in his favor by launching an attack at the defenseless Hikari and Tailmon. At the last minute, Wizarmon stepped in front of the pair and took the full brunt of the attack.

With his last breath, Wizarmon thanked Tailmon for being his friend, and died.

Three Years Later

Because he had perished on Earth, Wizarmon's data was unable to return to the Digital World and thus be reformatted as a digi-egg in the Village of Beginnings. Instead he languished as a spirit trapped at the site of his death for three years.

On the third anniversary of the Odaiba group's defeat of Vamdemon, the Chosen went to the tv station to pay their respects to Wizarmon's memory. Wizarmon surprised them by gaining enough energy to manifest himself in spirit form. In this form he passed a message on to the newer members of the group about how to best defeat the Digimon Kaizer. After this he faded away again.

But still he was not able to rest. Wizarmon's sacrifice was just cause for Yggdrasil to resurrect him, and bring him there.

Activity in the Digital World

Wizarmon awoke in the floating city of Tetha, understandably surprised to find himself alive once more. His initial contact through the D-Comms caught more than one person off-guard, especially since the Odaiba team's old foe Devimon had also been summoned to the Digital World. He was not impressed upon meeting Wizardmon of the Wizards Nii, either.

It didn't take long for Wizarmon to procure digs for himself in Tetha, and to settle in there. It also wasn't long before life threw him another curveball, this time in the form of Anei Yagami, his and Hikari's daughter from an alternate universe. Needless to say Wizarmon was very startled by this turn of events (and, once again, not impressed at Wizardmon's take on it).

This plot is still on-going.




  • White Wings
  • Sorcerymon's Ice Staff


  • Sun Staff


  • While at the moment he is living in Tetha, Wizarmon has been invited by Anei to join her at Royal Base now that she's joined DATS. He hasn't made a decision yet.
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