Wolf is a roleplayer at Digital Dive.

Wolf is a player of many names. Wolf. Wofl. Woffles, various other words that spawned from a single typo, and Judgement. She was pulled into Digital Dive by Razormod, with whom she had roleplayed with previously in another game. Originally planning to just play one or two characters, as she has very little knowledge about the Digimon series, Wolf eventually spiraled out of control and is currently buried in apps and nearinghas broken her character cap of ten characters.

Wolf is shy, to put it plainly, so she tends not to speak much beyond single sentences/words and emoticons during peak chat hours, as she tends to get lost easily and hates to feel like she's intruding. However, she talks a lot during the wee morning hours, when people are dropping off the chat like flies and the other quiet people start to talk too. Since she's a night-owl, Wolf will always be the last one to leave unless she, for some reason, drops out of chat early or it's during the school season. But Wolf's sleeping schedule is screwed up, so this can change depending on what she needs to do during the week.

Wolf considers her fandoms to be Megaman, Trinity Blood, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (who the hell do you think Wolf is?), and the various .hack incarnations, with her favorite being the recent .hack//G.U. games. And thanks to the replicaaaaa muns, Wolf has recently gotten into the Tales games (specifically Tales of Symphonia). Sometimes, she dabbles in the Transformers and Blood+ fandoms. However, she tends to stay away from the actual fandoms and fans, as they tend to annoy and frustrate her.

She is working to get her characters' wiki pages up and completely updated.

Also, excuse any typos, Wolf tends to do this stuff late at night and forgets to edit it before posting. :>

Wolf currently plays:

Waiting for application:

  • Teito Klein from 07-Ghost with Mikage the Lunamon (mikhailvessel)
  • Noah Boalis from Kiba with PawnChessmon (Black) (thetruesavior)


This is subject to change at any time, cause Wolf gets muses way too easily.

Timezone: Central Standard Time (US)/GMT -06:00
Personal Journal: wolflupin
E-Mail: moc.oohay|nahtaivel_aved#moc.oohay|nahtaivel_aved
AIM: Gosperru2
Twitter: @ashstarbarr, @wolflupin <—This one is used more for fanfiction/art than personal use, but Wolf doesn't mind if you follow that one.

P.S., if you follow Wolf on either twitter, please make sure to send an @reply so she doesn't block you. She does that with random people who follow her.

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