Wormmon - Ken

Wormmon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon Adventure universe. For his partner, see Ken Ichijouji.

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Acid Bubbles Pinecone Silk Thread Spiking Finish Spike Buster Dimension Scissors
Nebenebe Net Hell Squeeze Shot Claw Catastrophe
Moon Shooter Zone Black Hole
Grand Death Screw


Wormmon is an incredibly kind and loyal Digimon, standing beside Ken even as Ken descended into darkness. However, while his experiences with the Digimon Kaiser did little to temper that kindness, it did teach him that there was more to kindness and loyalty than blindly following his partner. Wormmon now is willing to act to protect his partner even against his partner's wishes — the other side of the loyalty is an incredible stubbornness.

Part of Wormmon's protectiveness towards Ken is concern over Ken's well-being. Wormmon offers plenty of advice to Ken, some helpful, some not. He is also far less willing to hold onto guilt.

Partner Ken Ichijouji
Journal kindinshadows
Role-Player Becca Stareyes
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