Xavier Becker

Xavier is a human being and reincarnation from the lj roleplay community Ex Animo which is an AU of the Kingdom Hearts video games.


As seriously as he takes everything, he also likes to turn anything he can into a joke, just to make it more interesting and do-able. He will do anything that’s asked of him (as long as it’s sensible) to the best of his ability and doesn’t often really feel the need to complain, but joking and fake complaints always help him laugh and makes the time go faster anyway. Almost as a result of this, he also tends to make jokes about things he just doesn’t quite to understand as a sort of defense mechanism, so that they are humorous rather than frightening. This often leads to snide remarks about girls, because, out of everything in the whole universe, they probably make the least sense.

He finds that he enjoys spending his time on the sidelines mostly, and never really likes being right in the middle of all the action. It’s simply more natural to him to sit back and shout insults at his friends when appropriate.
He has a strange fascination with guns that he cannot quite comprehend, so he tends to not talk about them, and he’s never even touched one, so he would have nothing to say anyway. He only really lets himself look at them, but sometimes when he sees a certain type, normally a sniper rifle, he becomes entranced and has to be physically pulled away so he can snap back into reality.

He has the habit of being rather animated with his hand and body language and if you couldn't hear what was coming out of his mouth you'd probably be able to tell what he was saying by body language alone. Despite his animation is he also quiet lazy and won't really do anything unless he has to.

Pre-Roleplay History

Past Life

Before he was Xavier he lived another life as both Braig, a scientist and one of 6 apprentices to Ansem the Wise. He, along with the other six, studied Heartless and went against their master eventually leading to him becoming the Nobody known as Xigbar. He was the second in command of the ruthless Organization XIII, manipulator of gravity. Everything was going smoothly in their journey to recollect their hearts, the goal of the Organization, they didn't even have to worry about Sora due to the fact that he was still asleep (in this version of things Roxas never rejoined with Sora). However Xigbar and the others didn't realize that they would still have to contend with King Mickey, DiZ, and Riku and he and the other members were eventually taken down and destroyed.


Not long after he was reborn as Xavier Becker, part of your average family of five. While he lived a fairly average life there are a few things to note, events, that are important to him. For one, at a young age, about 7, he had an "accident" and lost his right eye. He doesn't like to talk about it and its generally a sore spot for him because he felt it was due to his stupidity that he lost it. Xavier quickly picked up an eye patch to wear over this and while it actually draws MORE attention to his missing eye he found that it made him more confident and, in his own words, felt "bad ass."

Aside from this Xavier's life was average up until recently. It started in the summer of his 14th year when he and a handful of other teens started reporting having strange dreams about people in black coats. He waved it off as mere coincidence and was often denying what the others were saying as crazy…especially when they started talking about strange incidents occurring around them (ie. water clones, floating, pages of books sticking to them, random fires, etc). He suppressed his own dreams wanting things to stay the way they were.

However the dreams persisted and when one of the other kids who was having similar dreams, Daniil, had a party it really hit the fan. Not only did Xavier witness Daniil's abilities over wind but he himself accidentally activated his latent abilities over gravity. Freaked out by this he was forced to admit that he was wrong but still shortly after leaving the party he went back to denying everything.

Activity in the Digital World

It was while he was walking away from the party that Xavier found himself stumbling into the digital world. Despite the fact that he thought he had finally flipped his lid he handled the situation calmly and hardly freaked out at all when he ran across a talking bear, his partner Bearmon. Of course, this could have been because he believed it was all some bad dream. Bearmon attempted to get Xavier to see reason but it didn't work and eventually Bearmon gave up hoping that Xavier would come to his senses eventually.

Xavier spent the majority of his time climbing trees and relaxing. It was during one such occasion that Axel, Roxas, Demyx, and Daisuke stumbled on him. Xavier was truly shocked by the appearance of the first three and the feeling was extremely mutual. Despite the initial awkwardness of the meeting Xavier, Demyx, and Daisuke made fast friends while splashing around in the creek. Xavier often letting slip things he shouldn't have known about Demyx and the others who were once members of Organization XIII.

He didn't stay with them long though and he and Bearmon began their wandering again. The meeting with the real Organization members sparked even more dream/memories in Xavier, stronger than before, and he began to realize that this world he was in was far more real than that. He began to accept it as reality but it didn't seem to bother him because he had made fast friends with Bearmon.

Still in D'Ango forest Xavier has also run into Takeru, Devin, and Haku. His meeting with Takeru was brief, the boy merely stopping to see that Xavier was okay after falling out of a tree he had been in. Not long after that, in another tree, he heard Devin and his Dracomon. Feeling mischievous he had dropped a twig on the boy only to get attacked and the tree cut down. It was lucky for Xavier that he tapped into his powers, though he didn't realize it at the time, and he ended up yelling at the young boy for cutting down the tree. Despite this he ended up helping the boy by leading him to some apples and feeding him. He's also helped Haku by giving the newly arrived ninja advice on finding the more experienced tamers traveling around.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Xavier likes to make up nicknames for people and likes to talk smack. He even gave Bearmon the nickname of Fuzzy.
  • Xavier can occasionally tap into the powers Xigbar once had but usually it is done without his realization and is done in defense.
  • In a recent poll posted on his own journal Xavier voted for ninjas.
Xavier Becker
Series Canon Ex Animo/Kingdom Hearts AU
Journal xigzagsniperii
Roleplayer Erbear
Age 14
Digimon Partner Bearmon
D-Comm Colors White & Purple
D-Comm Symbol The roman numeral for "two"
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