YukiAgumon - Tiamat

YukiAgumon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Tiamat.

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Evolution Line
YukiAgumon Meramon MetalGreymon VictoryGreymon
White Hail Burning Fist Giga Destroyer Trident Gaia
Little Blizzard Magma Bomb Metal Arm Victory Charge
Ice Kamukamu Guren no Honoo Metal Slash Dramon Breaker
Surudoi Tsume Cold Flame Trident Arm N/A
Baby Flame Ice Phantom Terror Destroyer N/A
Spitfire Vision Blind Over Flame N/A


YukiAgumon is a rather laid-back Digimon, but he's pretty scared of Tiamat. He's very respectful towards Tamers, calling most of them some variation of "Boss" (with Tiamat being his only "Boss").


Partner Tiamat
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