Zelgadis Greywords

Zelgadis Greywords is a chimera from the Slayers canon.


Zelgadis is quite distinctive looking. His skin is blueish grey, with rocky protrusions, and has the texture of stone. His hair is shiny and silvery and looks more like wire than hair. His ears are slightly pointed, and he has a very sharp jawline, accented by rock. His brow is also rocky.

Given all that, Zelgadis normally covers most of his body in clothing — usually a long-sleeved tunic and pants, and his long, tan cloak. He can even draw up the hood of his cloak and his collar so that only his eyes and the skin around him are visible.

Zelgadis normally carries a sword and dagger on his belt, as well as enough supplies for him to travel alone. He also carries a memento — a friend's bracelet, wrapped around his canteen, that was enchanted with a communication spell.


Zelgadis's skin is hard as stone and able to turn most non-magical blades and small bullets (blunt trauma, explosions and magic still do him in). As a side effect, he sinks like a rock as well.

Zelgadis knows a number of magic spells, mostly shamanic (elemental) magic. He has a special knack for spirit shamanism, but doesn't get much chance to use it in the Digital World. Aside from the obvious use of combat spells, this gives him useful abilities such as flight and a wind shield. Zel knows a few white and black spells, such as light spells and light healing spells.

Pre-Game History

Early Life

Zelgadis was raised by his great-grandfather, the famous Rezo the Red Priest. Busy with his own affairs, Rezo played little mind to what Zelgadis was going as he grew up, leaving him to be raised by a succession of Rezo's assistants, guards and servants. Zelgadis grew up with a determination to become more powerful, to attract fame and fortune.

It was that desire that Rezo, influenced by the piece of Dark Lord Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu, noticed and acted on. He offered Zelgadis power, and Zelgadis took it. Foolishly, it turned out — Rezo changed Zelgadis into a chimera, a mix of human, brau demon and rock golem. Zelgadis gained skin as hard as stone, improved physical and magical abilities — and a face that makes people not sure if he's a monster or not. Zelgadis was stuck working for Rezo until a better option comes about.


That better option turned up when Rezo asked him to get an Orihalcon statue containing the Philosopher's Stone. The statue fell into the hands of one Lina Inverse and her partner Gourry Gabriev. Zelgadis managed to capture Lina, who had passed the statue off to Gourry. Realizing that the Philosopher's Stone would boost his own magic enough to take on Rezo, Zelgadis freed Lina in exchange for her help. However, Rezo was able to get the stone first, and Shabranigdu inside of him used it to unseal himself as to wreak havoc on the world. Lina, Gourry and Zelgadis were able to defeat him, but this also killed Rezo.

Zelgadis then set out to restore his original form. He was quickly sidetracked when Eris, Rezo's assistant, had put a bounty on his head for Rezo's death. He had to head to Sairaag in order to deal with Eris, and was a first-hand witness to the destruction of the city at the hands of Rezo's Copy.

After a brief stay in the city of Saillune at the invitation of the Princess Amelia, Zelgadis made his way to the neighboring kingdom of Xoana on rumors about the Book of Xoana, an ancient text on golem manufacture that he hoped would contain information useful to him. The Princess Martina offered him a deal — Zelgadis could read the book if he agreed to work for her and her father as a bodyguard and mercenary. Zelgadis accepted, even when it was revealed that Martina was planning on conquering the world in the name of her self-created god, and was quite content to oppose several of Zelgadis's friends. He later switched sides, when Lina Inverse, having skimmed the book, told him it contained nothing helpful to him.

Zelgadis then ended up following along with Lina for a time. Soon, they realized that someone was gunning for Lina's blood — agents of Chaos Dragon Gaav, a mazoku lord, were attacking the party. Lina resolved to find a manuscript of the Claire Bible, a powerful source of knowledge that would let her gain enough magic to have a chance against Gaav. This suited Zelgadis fine, as he believed that the Claire Bible would also have the knowledge to fix his body, where mortal magic could not. The group trekked over a good chunk of territory, lead around by Xellos, a mazoku agent, meeting interesting people, before Lina found the source of the Claire Bible. Unfortunately, she was forced to flee from Gaav's agents, and the entrance was destroyed, before she could ask about Zelgadis's problem.

Thanks to his involvement with Lina, Zelgadis was a witness to the destruction of Gaav at the hands of Hellmaster Phibrizzo, Phibrizzo's destruction at the hands of the Lord of Nightmares, and the attempt to summon the alien Demon Lord Dark Star and the destruction of the Fire Dragon Lord's temple by the ancient-dragon/mazoku hybrid Valgaav — all world-shaking events. However, Zelgadis remains a chimera.

In the Nexus

Recently, Zelgadis stumbled into the multiverse hub known as The Nexus. About all that's done is to make him a lot more cynical, make several questionable decisions, and made him very cautious about what he eats.

Of note within the Nexus, Zelgadis fell prey to the schemes of the woman, Dante. As he had with Martina earlier, her offer to make him human again if he did mercenary work for her was accepted. His subsequent defeat made Zelgadis question his own goal to be human, since it had been the second time someone had used it to take advantage of his services.

In-Game History

Zelgadis met his partner, Gotsumon when he first arrived in the Digital World. Zelgadis at first refused to take the Digimon with him, then was persuaded that Gotsumon would make a good guide. Despite the rocky start, the two are starting to get along, despite Zelgadis's not-terribly chatty nature.

Zelgadis ran into Riku during the Dokugumon attack, and managed to get along (as much as he does) with him. He also met Xellos again in the Digital World, and has been using him as a somewhat-unreliable source of information. He also met with Satsuma when he was placed on his team (along with Miki, Megumi and Ashton) on the Arachnemon assault.

Zelgadis left Tetha shortly after the security increase after Duskmon's assault. He told Satsuma that he would report any influence of the Demon Kings that he found in the field. He returned briefly for the festivals, but had left before the start of the Tetha Riot. He has kept an eye on the formation of DATS, but has not joined in any way. He takes an especial interest in the whereabouts and doings of Xellos, who he views as acting in increasingly unusual ways — which, to Zelgadis's mind, means that he is up to something. However, it was Lina who figured out why Xellos was acting so oddly.

Zelgadis rejoined Lina, Gourry and Filia briefly to go on a treasure hunt with Kurogane and Mokona for a Digimental of Purity. He again ran off afterward, to go help get an injured and newly arrived Amelia to the Tetha hospital. He remained in Tetha until she recovered, which put him and his friends in the middle of Kurata's attack on Tetha. It was here that Gotsumon evolved into Kimeramon for the first time, as the group guarded the hospital from a Gizmon XT.

Zelgadis Greywords
Series Canon Slayers
Journal onethirdhuman
Role-Player Becca Stareyes
Age 20
Digimon Partner Gotsumon
Affiliations None
D-Comm Colors Gold and red
D-Comm Symbol Pentagram within a magic circle
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